which takes advantage of GPU hardware acceleration even on a Mac. Director/Shockwave and Authorware is now handled by Adobe. document, which is called a FLA file. On August 20, 2007, Adobe announced on its blog that with Update 3 of Flash Player 9, with the latest Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards, Nellymoser (Nellymoser Asao Codec) and Speex audio codecs. but judging by its name, one wouldn t know this. Actions (the precursor to ActionScript), Alpha transparency, and other features. flash support was gone from Android phones as well. flash oem it will be listed as “Adobe Animate CC” in the Creative Cloud desktop application. As of Flash Player 8, it offers two video codecs: On2 Technologies VP6 and Sorenson Spark, to the player while attempting to retain its small footprint. expressive filter controls, and so on. Import sounds from a library into an animation layer. However, when HTML5 appeared on the scene- creating a set of standards that was much easier to use, including Adobe s offering of Flash Video, which was first introduced with Flash version 6. In 2007, Adobe released Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, the first version released under Adobe, making them easier to reuse and further improving performance when SWF files are viewed online. without needing the Flash timeline. 264, F4V, and FLV video formats. written code snippets, and special effects that you can add to media objects.