Dragging the play head simply changes its position. slip. remaining while you re rendering—a lot of programs can t manage this. The latter includes new tools that dictate what happens when timeline objects are adjusted. A new Loudness Meters panel measures audio levels by sound-energy levels rather than waveform peaks. took Vegas Movie Studio 14 minutes to render without hardware acceleration configured. the fabulous FXhome HitFilm 2 Ultimate compositing and special effects software and more plug-ins and utilities. The suite includes all of the above, plus Sound Forge Pro 11 and FXhome HitFilm 2 Ultimate. Note that the background color of this tool has not been updated to match the rest of the program s new look. in the End User License Agreement is strictly prohibited. Codec Support Sony Vegas Pro 13 – New Project window can really speed up your workflow since video edits often have to be adjusted to match the score. workflows and industry-leading audio editing tools. edit. it s not a good match for everyone. This iPad app can also be a valuable tool even for the small or one person production company.